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Category: Start / Electric RC flight

Links to various Electric RC flight information and retailers.
Links also available in Electric RC flight sub-categories:
  Electric RC Retailers (11)   

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Motor thrust calculator  Popular

A page that will tell you what motor will draw what amps at what thrust given a certain prop, battery, etc...
Added on: 27-Nov-2005 | hits: 1307
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RC Groups Forum - Electrics  Popular

All the info you can stand, and then some, use the search.
Added on: 27-Nov-2005 | hits: 3276
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RC Universe Forum - Electrics  Popular

Lot of good Electric info, use the search.
Added on: 27-Nov-2005 | hits: 4072
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Red's battery clinic  Popular

Tons of good info for electric info.
Added on: 31-Dec-2009 | hits: 1129
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