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Post subject: 2010-07-13 President's View  PostPosted: Jul 13, 2010 - 01:16 PM
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One of our club members has been selected to serve on a AMA Task Force Committee. The appointment is to the AMA STF Legal/Regulatory group. This group is made up of four people. Three attorneys and one retired law enforcement person. It is a honor for our club. The person is proud to be part of this group. That pride really is pride in our club.
Our club just past a set of revised by-laws at our 11 July meeting. The club also passed a budget. It was pointed out that the president forgot to ask if there was any opposed to the laws and budget. Some wished to go on record as opposed to the rules. Not that they are opposed to said rules. They question the need. This brings up a excellent point. We make rules for all types of reasons. The sad and down side is we sometime fail to make it clear why the rules are needed.
The by-laws were updated for the purpose of modernizing the rules. Laws and rules are for the protection of the group. Anytime some rule is made for special interest without consideration of the entire group is, well, wrong. Our rules committee was very aware of this. Our by-laws are very good. The committee done what should be called a super job.
The budget is another matter. Our club could work without a formal budget. We have and it has been alright in the past. When the new officers were elected a few things took place that were somewhat unexpected. The club had to make sure all our official papers were up to date. Our AMA charter. Our site owners insurance policy. Our clubs location for the purpose of safety. We are also required by the law of our State to have certain things done each year. One meeting, a budget, and a revised mission as a club. Our club has been doing this for years. The only difference is we have made it part of the general membership. We bring these things to the attention of each and every member. Before the officers did it.
We all know our meeting are the second Sunday of the month. We all try to encourage the membership to attend. These meetings are nothing more than business meetings. In our last meeting. A quick scan of the members. What is looked at is a group that are interested in what the club is about. Any officer that is not proud of our meeting turn out is not a member of this club. Perhaps it is time to try to make the meetings a bit more fun. We still have many smiles. Is it not time to make our meeting more social?
The very first model aircraft meeting ever attended by me was fun. Ray R. ran the business part of the meeting and then we switched to fun. He like Bobby M. in some time later in years pretty much done the same thing. We are supposed to be enjoying our club. Not so long ago each meeting had some fun part and some educational part. One of the things that Ray told us years ago was a good finish on a aircraft began when the first two parts were glued together. Could this rule be applied to everything we do?
This is a great club! The members have done all that is required plus more. Is it now time to try to enjoy our meetings. We had around forty or more folks at the meeting. We took care of our business, some had lunch and some went on and spent the rest of the day flying. Not many years ago we would have things like the plane of the month. We would have a door prize, or we would give something to the newest member. Is it time to start working on our social part of the club? Our club is fun. We all have a great time during the month. Is it not time to have "official" fun at the meetings?
Our club has produced a person that is a rules and regulation person. This member will serve as a reviewer of rules for the entire flying community in the country. Building and flying these things is more than rules and regulations. It is fun and the maker of friends. Rules and regulation should allow for the members to have fun and make friends. The day the rules and regulations keep the fun out, perhaps we should review the rules. The only reason we have these rules is a guide for us to follow. Rules allow you to do your thing and the other guy to do their thing without stepping on each other.
The club is looking for ideas. If you have a idea to help the club. Let us hear it. We are all in this together.
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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.   This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.
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