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Post subject: Membership information **NEW Electronic Membership**
To become a member of the MCRCC flying club, you need a valid AMA license (about $58 year Click here to learn about AMA). There is $50 one time initiation fee, and dues are $75 a year. Dues are pro-rated based on our membership renewal month of June. Once you are a member, you will receive a key to the gate of the club. If you interested in becoming a member, come to one of our meetings and see any of the officers, or you can email us ( and we will contact you with instructions.

For online payments Click here. Please fill out the form and we will send you an Invoice you can pay online after verification of your AMA#.
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To sum up the cost of membership:

First year:
$58 to AMA (paid to AMA, subject to change)
$50 one time fee (paid to the MCRCC treasurer)
$75 yearly membership fee (paid to the MCRCC treasurer) or $100 for a family

This is as of 7-13-2015

Make checks payable to MCRCC and mail to:

9135 Honeysuckle Lane
Gulfport, MS. 39503
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