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KenSue - Sep 01, 2016 - 04:11 PM
Post subject: Peak Models 30cc yak 54 RTF (only 3 flights on it) For Sale
I have a Peak Models Yak 54 RTF, local pick up in Gulfport MS. It has 3 flights on it. I used it to test a new DMSS radio. There was an oops in my trailer, and a short section of the stringers just aft of the landing gear was replaced. The orange monokote is not an exact match, but really close. I did do some upgrades from their stock hardware. No crashes, and no hard landings. I bought a new 100cc bird, so I need for this to go.

$600 RTF, or $550 minus receiver! I need it out of my way!
Everything except the motor and the regulator were bought new.

30cc Peak Models Yak 54
DLE 30
JR DMSS RG712BX receiver
Taildragger RC fuel tank (24 ounces I think)
Dons Hobby Shop fuel dot
Hitec 5645MG on every surface except rudder
Hitec 7955TG on rudder
Hangar 9 aluminum servo arms
Tech Aero Ibec
Fromeco 5200 Mah 7.4 volt Li-ion
Fromeco sahara regulator
Fromeco badger switch
Taildragger RC mesh loom
SWB turnbuckles
SWB pull pull wire tensioners
Mile High RC aluminum spinner
Spare wing tube (better than the stock extruded tube)

Again, everything except the regulator and motor were purchased new for this plane, only 3 flights. Local pick up in Gulfport, MS. $600 RTF, or $550 minus the receiver. I need it out of my way!

for pictures, questions or interest e-mail me at
Thank You,
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