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Here is a picture Jerry Gollot sent in from way back from what I can tell. Someone tell me where this is taken and who the people are in the picture (and how old the picture is), click here.

Posted by: Admin on Jul 18, 2009 - 11:32 PM  

Hello to all club members, It has come time for my fathers (Chris Riley) stuff to receive a new home. Due to time constraints, I cannot keep his airplanes or other toys, so I would like to see them receive some air time. Click Here for the list of things I have.

Posted by: stevenc on Jul 08, 2009 - 03:40 PM  


The field has things going on. Everything from getting the toilet fixed to having food. And yes, Flying. This past week end was a great time to fly and enjoy the club. There is also groups flying in the middle of the week. Our club is now collecting dues for the 09-10 year. The thing is we have many just coming out and paying. Why not? What a great place.

So from all the members and the officers. Come on out and get in on the fun. Besides great people there is some new and well, good stories about things going on. We have new members joining. With both areas to set up there is a lot of room.

Posted by: koastrc on Jun 15, 2009 - 03:14 AM  

For those who do not know or for those who do know, mcrcc has lost a great flyer, person, and an all around nice guy. My father, Chris Riley, has inspired so many people "to just get out there and do it." His face will be missed, not only to me and his family, but also to the club. I have received tremendous support from club members, even those I have not spoke to in a while, or even met. I'm proud to have called "Chris" my father. No words can be said to comfort his calling to the lord, but just for the record, he was flying all the way to the end! Thanks for the support! "If it has wings, Chris could crash it"!

Thanks to all,
Steven Riley (son)

Posted by: stevenc on Apr 13, 2009 - 01:28 AM  

One of the things about getting to be a "old timer" is the learning thing. We have just had the Christmas season, now we are faced with the TAX season. Not to mention the renewal of our AMA dues. Many things take place this time of year. So one of those "old guys" said, lets get our dues for the club in the good old summer time.

About everything that has been done at the club was hashed and rehashed. So as one of the "OLD TIMERS" I ask that some of you new people ask why first. Why do you do it this way? It should be understood however that new and fresh ideas are the very life blood of this club.

One last note. It was like yesterday that Chris and Dicky were rookies. Now, well, they are "OLD TIMERS" Our web page guy, he to is now a "OLD TIMER" It takes time to be one of those "OLD TIMERS" Time moves at a quick pace.
One of those guys that went from rookie to a old timer said something that should be considered by all members. He said "I hope this club last forever"

May the Almighty bless each of you in this new year. May we all find a way to get along for the good of "OUR CLUB"


Posted by: koastrc on Jan 01, 2009 - 02:38 PM  

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