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Posted by: rcfever on Aug 02, 2010 - 03:44 AM  


Posted by: Admin on Jul 27, 2010 - 02:52 AM  

We had a terrible weekend. Never saw such more anger in one setting. Pls understand, that we are like one big family. And accidents will and can happen. If someone has one such as a crash of their aircraft or someone property is injured. Show respect to the person who crashed and show understanding to the person who messed something up on accident. Im sure they fell terrible enough all ready. I said enough. We are all represenitives to this club.
Now lets all represent.
Thanks guys may the skies be kind.

Posted by: RICHI on Jul 14, 2010 - 01:07 AM  

Jerry has posted an article, here is an excerpt:

One of our club members has been selected to serve on a AMA Task Force Committee. The appointment is to the AMA STF Legal/Regulatory group ...
Click Here to read the test of the story

Posted by: Admin on Jul 13, 2010 - 01:17 PM  

Our club has had some new members. We have three intro pilots. The thing is, once a new person joins the AMA the need for the intro pilot is not necessary. Any member of the club in good standing can help a new pilot. Over the years it has become a tradition that the intro pilots also serve as trainer pilots. We have three. David works very hard during the week and is only available on week ends.
Ronnie is flexible, but is on vacation. The third guy is willing to fill in until Ronnie returns. Ronnie is not only a great instructor. He just happens to be a outstanding cook, or that should be chef.

What all three of us would like is to have direct contact with all those wishing to come out and learn. If we could work out some sort of schedule that fits. We all know we have four seasons on the Coast. Hot, not so hot, cool and not so cold.

One of my very able assistance's is Greg. He likes afternoons and I like mornings. We will work with anyone. So to all you would be aviators. How about contacting me. Call or send me a message on the web site. Our local hobby shop also has contact with us. We should all make a effort to go by Orange Grove Hobbies. If nothing else Joe (shop Owner) can send me a e-mail.

What ever method you choose. Try to get in touch. All our instructors are volunteers. Why do they do it? There is something about watching a person go from a newbie, as they are called to a real hot shot pilot. A hot shot pilot is a person that gets it up and then gets it down in one piece. Not to mention making a new friend. Help us work it out so we can help you get going. Keep in mind all these guys are volunteers. Try to meet us half way.

Now for the unpleasant task of reminding all members it is (PAST) dues time. We also have some very important votes at the July meeting. Budget and by-laws. It can be a pain at times to go to meetings. It would be more fun not to have all these things to do as a club. We do and as long as we are set up like we are. You, the members have to take care of business. Try to come out. Ronnie should be back and the food should be as normal for Ronnie, Great.

Thank each one of you for all the help we get to have one of the, if not the best clubs in the country.

Jerry - Prez

Posted by: President 2010 on Jun 23, 2010 - 05:51 AM  

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