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Here are some pics that Nathan, Ron, Jerry and others have put together.
Click Here to see them all.

Posted by: Admin on Feb 17, 2011 - 01:17 AM  

The year 2010 has been a good and very peaceful year for our club. The idea of peace is one that all folks of good will desire in my opinion. Peace is something that must be achieved. We all have ideas as to what to do next. Stepping down as president of the club caused some concern to many of the members. Not to worry. Our new president is a man of good will and peace. Richard is a good man with the club as his number one concern. Is it not important we get behind Richard and the other officers to work for the club in a true positive fashion. It is not a Jerry or a Richard that makes the club what it is. It is you, the members, working with the community that make our club one of the, if not the finest club around. Does the clubs in the area think their club is best? I hope that is what they think.
We are surrounded by fine clubs that work very hard to make it so. AT TIMES WE ALL FORGET WE HAVE REACHED FIVE YEARS. Five years of digging out of one of America's worst natural disasters. Then just to see how tuff we are we had the oil spill, a turn down in the economy, the housing collapse and now the threat of lay offs in many major sections of industry. It is now we must come together and work for the common good? Now more than every in our long history.

The AMA is seventy-five years old. 75 is a long time in aviation. Our club is pretty old as well. Depending on who you talk to. Some suggest our club is over sixty years. In all those years for Mississippi Coast and the AMA there has been some trying times. We are facing those trying times now. We have good leadership at the national level with Dave and Jose. Jose has made some super appointments. The appointments are something to think about. Good people that are willing to support the sport and the hobby. In this time when the AMA along with many other national organizations that are having problems. Our national leadership are taking on the problems and doing a good job.
In our own club we understood the problems we are having with the storm, oil spill and economic down turn. The committee that come up with our by-laws and budget did what I thought would not be possible. Great by-laws and a super budget. Over the past year our web guys have allowed me to express my opinions on this web-site. It has been my desire to make each of these president views as positive as possible. January One we will have a new president that I for one respect. He is a good man with his heart in the right place. So to Richard I would like to say thank you for taking the position.

However before I end this note. It should be said by me that some in the club wish to make some changes in the way our finances is done. Our budget committee has done a budget that is not only good, but more than serves the purpose of serving the needs of the club. Any idea of increasing the dues on the membership would drive a wedge in the peace and harmony of the club. You may all rest assured that the politicians have no appetite for raising taxes, fees, or anything else that would be a added expense on a already strained economic situation.

We are now working and living in peace with our friends in government. Right down the road there has been almost the end to a group for no reason. No reason other than no reason. Change is good at times. Change for the sake of change usually is a disaster.

So I ask the membership to consider letting the budget committee and rules committee do their work. I hope and pray that none of these words have upset anyone. That is not my intention. If it is as many of you have said I have done a good job. Then let me ask that each of you let Dicky, Jim, AL and Paul do their good job. We have a good thing going. Let us try to keep it going.

Thank you and may the blessing of the Almighty be with each of you. Merry Christmas and very Happy and prosperous New Year,


Posted by: rcfever on Dec 15, 2010 - 12:45 AM  

Another year for the club. All clubs have ups and downs. The down part is how we forget were we came from. The flying field ferry didn't make that field. The Miller Field was built by hard working members. It would be easy to say that some folks have no appreciation for what has been done in our past. It is also easy to say that was then. Not now, things are different. For each of us that enjoy the fruits of the labor of those that made this flying club what it is. The ones that built the club to what it is today, did so for the enjoyment of all. Why Did they do so much? What made them work for the enjoyment of people they have never known and many will never know?

History? We all have a history. The history of this club is a good story. Some will come to know the club was once on a private field. The members were for the most part very happy with the old field. Some time in the past the idea was born to move to the Harrison County Fair Grounds. Meeting after meeting the club debated the wisdom in such a move. At times some of the so called "Old Timers" wonder if they did do the right thing.

Once the club made up it's mind to move. The real work started. You have no idea what it is to see our own Bobby in a suit complete with tie to go make the clubs case to the sheriff. Or yours truly along with Bob M. attending a Board of Supervisors meeting. AFTER MANY YEARS, that is right, years of work we made our move into uncharted territory. Once we got to the Fairgrounds we still had work to do. The club made slow and steady progress. Each year it was the goal of the members to add something to the field. Now we enjoy one of the finest flying fields around. Any member that cares to know more about this history is welcome to ask.

Why on earth would your president care to give the club a history lesson. The simple truth is, I have no idea how to contact the flying field ferry to get us a new field if we don't have this one. The AMA has hired one of the AMA's brightest members to help keep and obtain flying fields. Not a easy thing to do. When some member brings up something at a meeting that can be perceived as a threat to the field. They can count on some resistance. It is during these debates that feelings are hurt, pride is tarnished, and at times anger takes over. At times some great ideas clash with the reality of facts.

We have a good thing going. Like someone said at the meeting. We don't need to fix things that are not broke. So I ask all of the members to consider this. If we do need to do some things. Take time and make it right. Think it out. The last time I checked we don't seem to have any emergencies. We should never forget we are the guest of the people of Harrison County. These people have found value in or efforts. Our members have always expressed as a club and many individuals of our appreciation to the citizens of our county.

We are going to have our election meeting on the field. Why there? There is a story behind that as well. We are going to elect officers for the next year to run the club's daily business. We call it a election meeting. We all enjoy the election meeting because it is our Christmas Party. It is a fun time for many. Come on out and enjoy yourself. It is a time to look back on what we have done, Think of our old friends and enjoy our new friends. It has been said, you have no idea where you going if you have no idea where you have been.

The members have been very kind to me. Thanks is all I can think of. You are all a great bunch. Looking forward to a New Year of flying with each and every one of you.

A special thanks to David for his efforts.
Thank you David for our web site!

Posted by: Nathan Rische on Nov 16, 2010 - 11:59 PM  

Here are some pics from the fly-in. Click Here

Posted by: Admin on Oct 30, 2010 - 12:31 PM  

Hello Friends,

Our fall fly-in is done and now a part of the long history of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Radio Control Club. Fun, Food and great Fellowship. Our Pilots meeting was held with Bobby doing the honors. Paul also spoke of behalf of the club and OUR AMA. We have been asked a number of times, how many pilots were there at the fly-in. Ronnie served over 75 plates. Now are these eating pilots? Perhaps a bit of eating and flying. Richard, aka Dicky, Greg and BIG Richard led the safety crew. That would be the information gang. They were up and down the pits and the line doing what they do best. Making all feel welcome.

Nathan did his good job of registration. Ronnie and his bride Cindy headed up a crew to take care of the food. Food, food and more food. The Ronnie Cindy crew was help by Harold and his bride. I think Harold was in more of a management position. In truth Harold was on the ball doing what he could. Tony and his bride was right there in the middle of the kitchen crew. These folks worked very hard to prepare and serve the flyers and guest. Greg's sister put together some wonderful cold slaw. Someone made some banana pudding. Both items were, well let me say enjoyed to last bit. Burgers, hot dogs and fish to name some of the food. We also had some super seafood gumbo. (more food than what was named, just so much to name)

The fly-in was a success to be proud of. Talking about pride. Friday before the fly-in we had over 20 members set up for the event. The field was cut and trimmed Thursday. When we got the gang out Friday it was a work day full of smiles. Putting up the two awning is always a treat. It was fun to watch twenty experts making light of their on goof ups. The work day to set up, the fly-in and the clean up was a joy. Never have I observed so much laughter and fun. Al was able on short notice to get donations for the food pantry. Just another way we make our community see that the club is known as good neighbors.

This story could go on. However, there is no need to go on with this story. The full story will be heard on the flight line for weeks to come. We do have some events coming up in three of the near by clubs. Nathan has posted two of them on the web site. Azalea and Pine Belt. Both great clubs and some outstanding people. Try to make it. We also have some news from the club in Pearl River County flying club. We should have that information on the site soon. It seems like we have a fly-in around the area every week end in October. The fly-ins I have attended were all good and FUN. The magic word is fun.

To all our members, Thanks! If I failed to add a name of anyone, please remember. It was a plain oversight on my part and I say to those, sorry. Each of you that worked and supported the club effort. What can be said. Our clubs are the back bone of this sport/hobby. Each club member is the back bone of the club. This is our club, our AMA and our fun.

I would like to say that each member is a blessing. I thank the Almighty for all of you.

If I can be of service,


Posted by: rcfever on Oct 26, 2010 - 02:33 AM  

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