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When I pulled up to the gate, I was expecting there to be no one there, I was wrong. We had a full house today, I had a hard time finding a spot to park south of the club house. It was WINDY! but fun. Pretty much everyone showed up today, even a group from the Convington area who brung some impressive airplanes.

Ron cooked up some good seafood gumbo also. Next weekend is our last meeting before the Christmas party. I would encourage everyone to come.

Posted by: Admin on Nov 06, 2006 - 01:28 AM  


Sometime during the last week, we hit the 1 million page views mark since Feb 2003! Click on the 'Site Statistics' link to see for yourself.

What does this mean? Nothing, but it is a neat round number. It is nice to know that our little club has had this interest over the last few years.

One thing I encourage you to do, go to the 'Picture Gallery' link and look through the "club photos" (Or click here) and look through a few pictures of from the older events (clicking on the picture that is an album brings you to a whole bunch more pictures). It is like a little history book of our club in pictures back to 2003. Lot of people that have left, just stopped flying, passed away, etc...

Another thing that's kind of interesting, Looking back at all the articles that have been published. Click here to see them all, just be prepared to wait for a bit if you are on dial-up, there are 96 stories since 2003 and the pictures may take a bit to load.

Just to be honest, no, 1 million people haven't visited the site, that counter is not counting unique visitors, just hits.

Posted by: Admin on Nov 03, 2006 - 01:19 PM  


Great day for flying earlier in the day Saturday, became nasty in the afternoon and Sunday. We had some visitors from Convington come down Sunday and stayed for quite a while, brung down their trailer with quite a collection of planes. Bobby and others had to endure the civil war re-enactment cannon blasts which were truly some of the loudest noises I've heard.

Here are some pics from Joey, one of our members stationed overseas. Click here for some others.

Posted by: Admin on Oct 23, 2006 - 06:09 PM  


Sunday was a good day at MCRCC. We had some great fried fish and a great turnout at our monthly meeting. We discussed the Christmas party and the spring fly-in. We will have our Christmas party at the Saucier Senior Citizen Center like we did 2 year ago. Our Spring fly in will be on April 21st of 2007. I'll post more details closer to the events.

We would like to thank Tony Stillman for stopping by and speaking at our meeting. James, Ron, Chris, Tom also deserve some thanks for helping with arranging everything (email me if I missed anyone)

Later on in the day, Chris, Tim and Arnold tried popping some balloons and cutting some streamers. Here is a video of how Chris cuts his streamers (3 meg file) or click the play button below.

You'll need a newer Adobe flash player to view correctly/see the box below, click here to download flash. Click the triangle on its side to start the video (may take a minute to load). I have TV quality video of all videos I post, email me if you want a full quality copy.

<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="530" height="370">

Here are all the pictures. Have a look, some are worth looking at.

Posted by: Admin on Oct 09, 2006 - 05:49 PM  


Thought I'd stick a pic of my newest creation up. I converted my Somethin' Extra over to electric with some el-cheapo stuff. Now the question is: will it hold up? Click here for more details

Posted by: Admin on Oct 08, 2006 - 03:00 AM  

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