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This past weekend the flying was great. Cool temps, soft wind and wonderful sky. The only thing of note is one of our long time flyers had a new giant scale war plane. The aircraft was set up great and took to the air without any trouble. The flyer was doing a super job flying. "Then" the canopy slash hatch came off. Tearing off half of the horizontal stab. This is when some of the finest flying seen in a long time for this old man.

A badly crippled aircraft with almost no control was flown to the center of the runway and almost a perfect landing. That is almost! No one hurt and this was because of skill and experience. The flyer was very careful to keep all the people on the site safe. Hats off to David.
Now for the rest of the story. Our club has great people in it as we know. Some of the members went about helping round up the parts that fell off the plane. Some went into the tall grass around the field. After all was settled down. A member noticed a TICK crawling on one of the people that went into the brush. At once we started checking everyone. Ticks was found on three folks. Let us not forget that one of our members was bitten by a tick a couple of years ago and became very ill. The illness was so bad the person had to be hospitalized.

The air craft had a defective part. One of the draw backs of some ARF airplanes. With all the skill and ability of this flyer. He had no way to know how bad the defect was. David will tell you the thing to do is check and recheck your new ARF. In the days of scratch built and kit built. The builder knew what the bones of the aircraft was. Not so with a covered craft. It not only applies to the craft. One person was fueling his plane for another flight when he noticed something that looked like a crack in the prop. A closer look and there it was. A cracked prop. The moral of this story is you can never be to careful. Safety first! It is a good idea to inspect and inspect some more.

Flying is a outdoor activity. Outdoors we have things that live out doors. Such as ticks. If for some reason you have to venture out into the bush, remember the bugs.
One more thing of note is the field itself. Our field marshal had to go out of town for a routine medical check up. Bobby took care of the mowing job with help from Tony. Thanks from the club!

On a lighter note. Ron and some of the old bunch is planning a steak and fly Friday in the near future. Five bucks and Ron can cook. More later on this cook out.

Jerry Gollot

Posted by: Admin on Aug 26, 2009 - 12:47 PM  

Posted by: Admin on Aug 18, 2009 - 01:33 PM  

Here is a picture Jerry Gollot sent in from way back from what I can tell. Someone tell me where this is taken and who the people are in the picture (and how old the picture is), click here.

Posted by: Admin on Jul 18, 2009 - 11:32 PM  

For those who do not know or for those who do know, mcrcc has lost a great flyer, person, and an all around nice guy. My father, Chris Riley, has inspired so many people "to just get out there and do it." His face will be missed, not only to me and his family, but also to the club. I have received tremendous support from club members, even those I have not spoke to in a while, or even met. I'm proud to have called "Chris" my father. No words can be said to comfort his calling to the lord, but just for the record, he was flying all the way to the end! Thanks for the support! "If it has wings, Chris could crash it"!

Thanks to all,
Steven Riley (son)

Posted by: stevenc on Apr 13, 2009 - 01:28 AM  

We will have our 2008 Christmas party at the Saucier Community Center on December 14th, 2008 at noon. We will elect our officers too. Bring your own drink if you don't like iced tea. Lunch will be provided by the club.

Posted by: Admin on Nov 19, 2008 - 11:33 PM  

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