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Friday the 6 November we had our get the place ready crew out. The work day was well attended and in short order the field was made ready. Ron Johnson had one of his meals ready. Veggie soup. After the soup we went out and flew the stew out of our aircraft. We were out until the sun left us in the dark.
Saturday 7 November we had what was to be a small fly-in. Nathan took care of registration, Dickey took care of the raffle and of course Ron took care of the food. The club raffled fifteen gift certificates. The certificates was from Orange Grove Hobbies. Ron done his magic with the grill with the able assistance of Bobby and a couple of others. The event was well attended by our member and some guess from our near by clubs. To call this event a fly-in would be very accurate. There was every size shape and type of aircraft flown. Paul and I served as co-chairmen of the event. Not one complaint. Everyone I spoke with had a great time. Jim and his crew put on another fun to watch combat demo. Once more the sun left and we had to go.
Sunday 8 November We had our monthly meeting. All the officers were present and the club house was full. I didn't get a count of attendance, but there was a gang there. Once more Ron had food for the members.
The meeting was called to order at two by the president. Jim gave a treasury report, Dickey gave a safety report, Amy and Bobby gave a field report, and Paul gave a report on the fly-in. The meeting went smooth with out any real problems. The only thing is our December election meeting. Ron has agreed to do most of the meal. He asked any that wanted to bring a dish, please do so. The meal and the election will be right on the field. If I know this bunch. Soon as the meeting gets done the members will be on the flight line.
Our club is a old club. We have many traditions that are sometimes misunderstood. For years the club held meetings at places other than the field. This went on for some time. Soon the club figured out that some couldn't make meeting at night during the week. So we started having meetings at the field. The only exception was our election meeting. Our election meeting went from covered dish to restaurants back to covered dish. Each one of these changes was made for a reason. The December election meeting had always been our Christmas Party. Now the December meeting will be a election meeting with a meal. A suggestion was made the president appoint a committee to study the whole December meeting thing. Try to settle this. The meeting was ended and back to the flight line.
Our club had a three day week end. Friday, Saturday and Sunday there was plenty of flying and shared friendship. I think that is what the founders of this club had on their minds many years ago. The week end was great. Many thanks to all that helped put on a great week end.

Jerry Gollot

Posted by: Admin on Nov 11, 2009 - 01:32 PM  

Jerry Gollot sent in this summary of the October 11th Club Meeting:

Meeting was called to order by the president at two PM.
All officers were present.
We had two guest, and last count, 31 members present. One of the guest is a former World War Two Navy fighter pilot.
The meeting was recorded electronically because of a important by-laws vote.
Order of business:
Treasury report, field marshal report, safety officer and a fly in report.
Mr. Hill is still working to insure we all get our name tags.
The fly in 7 November is on, Friday the 6 November, volunteers will set up the field along with the field marshal and her crew.
Our cooks are getting their things together.
There will be a $5.00 fee that is a landing/food fee. (drinks not included)
Nathan is in charge doing the registration and raffle.
Paul is taking care of the raffle gifts.
Bobby gave a report on the work done around the field and the North Pavilion.
The club, Has voted not to supply soft drinks and water. Some persons or person has made it so we will have to bring your own drinks to the field. We are working with the proper authorities to make things more secure. Please note. You will need to make arrangements to bring your own drinks.
A report was given about trimming the brush at each end of the field.
There was also some discussion about the future maintenance of the field.
The president appointed a committee to study the collection of dues. The committee reported over two months ago. They had four recommendations.
I would like to note. The officers of this club, the members of the committee and many of the members made a super effort to get the word out to the entire membership. The president and treasure even sent out ballots.
After a short discussion the club voted and counted the mail in votes. The club has spoken. We have a new way of collecting dues.
Ron did some cooking for the members.

Posted by: Admin on Oct 14, 2009 - 12:58 PM  

Here are some snaps taken by Nathan on Friday:
Click Here

Posted by: Admin on Sep 28, 2009 - 03:05 PM  

Friday we had our steak day. It was very nice. About twenty came. Paul and I had a bit of time to talk fly in. Nathan is doing the meal tickets. Ron and Bobby are going to do the food. Nathan is going to help set up the registration. Paul want to do a raffle as in the past. He wants to do it a bit different. He make a good point. Because we have so many different disciplines in the hobby. He wants to get with the hobby shops and use gift certificates instead of hard prizes. Paul indicated he would take care of that if there is no objections.
One other note. Someone swung, that is stole with the drinks and the money. The club is, I think will have to address this problem. it is a disappointment for these kinds of things to happen.
THE LAWN MOWER. It took Amy a time that was reduced about a hour. We have the weeds around the field bush hogged. We have rocks around the North Pavilion. Nice job by the county. Tony Seymour spread ant killer and done some weed spraying. The club over all is getting very active. David Latil came out Friday and told us that more pictures from the past are on the web. He also put Amy's story on the net.
That is about it,

Posted by: Admin on Sep 27, 2009 - 11:57 AM  

Mr. Tom H. has had name tags made for all members. Very nice with name, AMA number and MCRCC logo. The tags are in the club house. Pick them up on the next visit to the field.

One other note: Our club field marshal is Amy Hille. She is assisted by Bobby M. and Tom H. Mr Hill and Mr. McCarroll help with the machine maintenance and other things as needed.

Please note, the field is cut on Fridays. The time is set by the conditions.

The county has agreed to bush hog the high grass around the field. Charlie Cox is working on that project.

Posted by: Admin on Sep 14, 2009 - 12:40 PM  

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